Who We Are

It is our absolute pleasure to announce the Karama USA International Film Festival: a celebration of films from all over the world that express the deep power of the human experience.

Our festival was created upon the steadfast belief that the growing distance between us all can be bridged through a mutual love of film, art, and music.


Our maiden voyage will be held in the heart of Silicon Valley, Northern California in 2023. We are excited to celebrate a new generation of artists who, with great ingenuity, use the medium to advocate for human rights all while telling fascinating, emotional, and hilarious stories.


The mission of the Karama USA International Film Festival is to showcase a diverse range of films that cater to a creative and well-versed audience and to connect American filmmakers with their international counterparts. Karama USA IFF aspires to foster communication between artists of different cultures through the art of filmmaking in the spirit of cooperation and cultural exchange as well as for the benefit of the industry and region. The festival is dedicated to the discovery of new voices and strives to be a catalyst for the development of cinema the world over, particularly through its industry segment, PATHFINDER.