Karama USA International Film Festival includes five competition categories —
 Feature Narrative, Feature Documentary, Short Film, Animation, and Student Shorts. Awards will be presented for each competition category.

Films across all competition categories are eligible for our Foundation Awards,
including the Audience Award and the Vanguard Award, which we will award to the film with the most impactful human story, either in front of or behind the camera. The Humanitarian Award will be awarded to the film that most effectively raises special awareness to important human rights issues or amplifies underrepresented voices.

We will also feature Out of Competition and Special Presentations films. The Out of Competition category includes films that don’t qualify to compete at the
Festival but whose human rights stories especially touched the selection committee, and in turn we wish to honor them at our festival. Special
Presentations are iconic, historical, Silicon Valley-centric, or culturally significant human rights films showcased alongside our regular program, whose stories deeply resonated with the year’s theme.

Film Categories

  • Feature – Narrative Competition
  • Feature – Documentary Competition
  • Short – Narrative Competition
  • Short – Documentary Competition
  • Animation Competition
  • Student Shorts Competition
  • Official Selection(s) – Out of Competition
  • Special Presentations


Any cash awarded will be shared equally between the director and the main producer of the winning film. For more details on awards, see the full Karama USA International Film Festival Rules and Regulations

Feature – Narrative Competition

Our Feature Narrative Competition Jury will grant the following awards:

Best Narrative Feature

Best International Narrative Feature

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Supporting Actor

Best Ensemble Performance

Breakthrough Performance

Best Screenplay

Best Editing

Best Cinematography 

Best Score

Feature – Documentary Competition

Our Feature Documentary Competition Jury will grant the following awards:

Best Documentary Film

Best International Documentary Film

Best Documentary Director

Short Competition

Best Short Director (Narrative or Documentary)

Short — Narrative Competition

Our Short Narrative Film Competition Jury will grant the following awards:

Best Narrative Short Film

Best International Narrative Short Film

Short – Documentary Competition

Our Short Documentary Film Competition Jury will grant the following awards:

Best Documentary Short Film

Best International Documentary Short Film

Animation Competition

Best in Animation

Student Film Competition

Best Student Film

Foundation Awards

Audience Award

Humanitarian Award

Vanguard Award

Special Recognition Award(s)

2023 Jury

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